About Us

Kay Cube Travel Solutions is one stop for all your travel needs, with over 15 years of experience in Travel, Hospitality and Service sectors, we offer services to all kinds of travelers from Leisure Packages to Jeep Safaris, from Camping to Glamping, From Day Hikes to Mountain Expeditions. We have specialized teams for all the travel requirements. Below are service that we offer:


- Leisure Land Packages

- Jeep Safaris

- Treks & Hikes

- Bike Tours

- Bicyle Tours

- Off Beat Packages

Leisure Land Packages: These packages are for Couples, Honeymooners and Families, we provide end to end travel solutions to our clients, where they have an option of selecting the hotel and vehichle as per your choice or budget, we offer a wide range of hotels from Budget to High End to fit into your travel requirements. Packages are focused to cover multiple destinations in Northern States of Himachal & Uttrakhand. From Weekend Get Aways to 10 Days Family Vacations we have all the available options for your travel needs.

Trekking & Hiking: Northern States of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh & Uttrakhand offer some of the best trekking routes for all, from Weekend treks for novices or beginers to multi day specialized expeditions and Peak Climbs can be done here, treks are organized year round in different areas of these states, from April till Late September is the peak of Trekking season, however some of the most exciting treks happen in Winters in Ladakh & Uttrakhand for all who like challenging conditions and extreme temperatures. Our Focus is on keeping group sizes small considering the safety of the group and our trek leaders are experienced and certified to conduct these activities with some even having multiple certifications in mountaineering courses through government mountaneering courses. Visit our Treks & Hikes section under trips for more information. 

Jeep Safaris: Our Jeep Safaris are focused mainly towards Trans - Himalayan region of Himachal towards Spiti and in J&K Towards Ladakh. Both the places lie in the remote parts of Himachal and J & K with road access only during the summer months, with a small window of travel, remoteness of the region and unforgiving terrain we have tailored the packages in such a way that one can cover most of the places in minimum number of days hence making our packages worth the price. These regions are famous among avid travelers,backpackakers, thrill seekers and for all who love to travel in the mountains.

Cycling: Cycling is an upcomming sport & hobby in India, with demand for clean energy increasing cycling is becoming more popular among youngsters. Our cycling tours are organized under the supervison of experienced and capable tour leaders, the routes are chosen keeping in mind the different grades of cyclists who seek to explore the new regions in an envoirnmentally friendly manner. From day tours to Trans Himalayan Regions, we organize trips with full gear and resources which include support vehicle and technical support during the trip, dominantly camping is provided on the way in case any other accommodation options are not availbale. Visit our Cycling section for more information.

Bike Tours: "Four wheels move the body, two wheels move your soul". Its a famous saying among motorcyclists and is the reason why bike tours are so popular in the Trans- Himalayan Region of India. With panoramic views of the mighty Himalayan Ranges, challening roads, extreme weathers and the feeling of riding a bike at 14000 feet above sea level is priceless. In our packages the itineraries are designed by keeping the riding time not more that 8 hours which includes breaks after regular intervals so that riders can enjoy the tour, we provide you with a support vehicle, a trip leader and mechanic, the tour involves a mix of accommodations like Hotels, homestays, guesthouses & Campsites as per the availability. 

Backpacking: In a first we are starting specialized packages for youngsters, budget and solo travelers a unique travel experience where we are covering destinations popular among youngsters, we work in small groups so that people not just travel together but become good friends for life, we use public transport comprising of shared cabs, buses, trains and auto-rickshaws and private cars, walking and hiking so its a mix of all the transport modes that a solo traveler or youngsters would preffer hence giving you an experience different than a regular group trip. Accommodations are provided in Hostels where possible, camp sites, guest houses and homestays. All accommodations are arranged on room only basis giving individual travelers an option to have meals at places of their own choice. Our packages not only cover famous destinations but also off beat locations. Vist our Backpacking Section for more information on these tours.

Off Beat Packages: In another first these packages are tailor crafted for travellers who want to explore new places, our packages will take you to villages in both easily accissible and remote regions with accommodation in homestay and guest houses we take you on activities like, hikes, walks, cycling and fishing. The packages include stay in off beat locations in Himachal Pradesh & Uttrakhand. Travel by your own vehicle or we can arrange transport for you for the same.For a vaccation different than a any other travel service provider.

Kay Cube Travel Solutions is commited to enhance your travel experience be it any form that you preffer to travel in our personal experience in travel has motivated us to make travel affordable and simpler for all travel enthusiasts. 

Feel free to contact us for more details pertaining to your travel style.