16 October

5 Best Things to do in Shimla

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5 Best Things to do in Shimla

Nestled in the Lower Himalayas, Shimla is rich in culture and history. The town still retains its charm with most of the areas lined with structures from the Victorian times and these areas include the Famous Mall Road, the ARTRAC Head Quarters, Annadale, Vice Regal Lodge and many more which can give a glimpse of the history of this town. Scattered all around are cottages from Victorian times, the town’s famous landmark The Ridge offers some beautiful views of the Himalayas.

The climatic conditions that prevail in Shimla are just like that of London which is why British rulers chose it as the summer capital of India. The weather and scenic beauty made them feel just like home.  Another reason for it being the heart of colonial India is its well connectivity with commercial places like Delhi and Ludhiana.

Shimla is a land of beauty and offers many fun and adventurous activities to its visitors. There are some trekking options available which can be done in 2 to 3 days’ time or one can do a day hike to Shalli Tibba (Temple Dedicated to Kali Mata perched in a 9700 ft high peak). An old trail starting from Tattapani (Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh) is a 26 Km Long walk which can be done in one day or two days depending on how quick you can walk, it takes you through untouched parts of Shimla, from a beautiful Satluj Valley to hill top and from there a beautiful valley and steep dense forest climb, it was an old trade route before the roads came into existence.

Now here is a list of few things that you can do while your visit to “Queen of Hills”, Shimla:

  1. Local Shimla Sightseeing: A day long excursion involves visiting temples and historic places in Shimla. We include visit to Jakhu Temple, Kamna Mata Temple, Vice Regal Lodge, Birds Pack, Himachal State Museum, Annadale and Army Museum.
  2. Naldera & Tattapani: Its again a day long excursion and while on your way to Naldera you can visit the small village of Mashobra famous for beautiful view of Shalli Tibba Peak and Himalayan Vistas. The road winds and you cross an open Meadow called Talai also famous as a Maggie point is a peaceful place with temple just a few meters from the road and an artificial pond nearby. The road further goes to Kraignano, famous for an old forest guest house or how in earlier days people use to name such properties Dak Bangla, place is famous for picnics and get togethers. Further ahead comes Naldehra golf course and you can head for the onward journey to Tattpani lake and a short drive towards Chaba can take one to a point from where you can enjoy white water rafting in Satluj River.


       3. Mall Road to Vice Regal Lodge: It is a majestic Victorian experience. The walk will take you from the mostly Victorian style Mall Road to one of the most beautiful buildings in Shimla the Vice Regal Lodge. On the way one will cross some of the most famous buildings in Shimla, the Railway Board building which now houses the Income Tax department and Passport Office of Shimla. Right next to it is the beautiful Gorton Castle which is now the Auditor General’s Office. Almost half a kilometer ahead is famous Kennedy House which is now the state legislative assembly of Himachal Pradesh. The famous Labor hostel, right opposite it is “The Retreat” residence of the stationed Army Chief for ARTRAC. A Kilometer from here is the famous Inverarm Hill and the State Museum of Himachal Pradesh also one will pass through the All India Radio building and one of the best HPTDC properties Peterhoff. Right below Peterhoff is the bird’s park which hosts some of the rarest Himalayan Birds including Monal. The walk ends at Vice Regal Lodge. One can spend hours exploring the gardens of the Lodge.

       4. Glen & Chadwick Falls Walk: The walk to Glen takes a diversion from the Kennedy House and head down in the Jungle. One can easily reach this spot, famous for picnics; it’s a beautiful location, surrounded by dense pine forest. The place is a calm getaway from the busy life of Shimla town. Place is full of Himalayan Plants and birds. From here you can head towards the famous Chadwick falls though one can visit Chadwick Falls at any time of the year but the best time is during the monsoon months of July and August as the falls are in full flow and are enchanting and beautiful. This is a nature walk and has a different feel to it.


      5.Ridge, Forest Road, 5 Benches Circuit:   As the name suggest it’s a beautiful walk from Shimla to St. Bede’s College. The walk starts from the Ridge and takes around 2 hrs to get to the end. The path winds along a dense pine forest and as you walk further it takes you through some of the oldest structures in Shimla belonging to British Era. One may opt to go to 5 Benches, a mysterious and supposedly haunted spot in Shimla. As the folk lore goes, Shimla has lots of ghost stories and the road is associated with quite a few of them. From 5 Benches one can start walking down towards the Ridge and enjoy the nature’s beauty on the way.


This article will help you give a clear picture of the beauty of Shimla and activities you can do to make your Shimla trip one of the most memorable.